Thursday, 23 June 2011

2nd & 3rd

My first card was for Dad's Father's Day -  but that got posted away before I even thought about logging them. Hopefully, when I go and see him, I can snap it then and upload a shoddy lo-res shot of it.

This is the Birthday Card in the making; I added a big 60 and some words (I think... happy, and maybe...birthday). Again, if I can, I'll snap a clearer shot of the completed card.

Dadbo is his nickname - it's not a rubbish 6.
I don't think it's terrible for a newbie! A bit pale and wishywashy in this light, and maybe in real life too...
The inside was filled with cakes on springs which popped out at you when you opened the card. I was pleased with them! I even marbled the blue one myself.

Mess?  Framing? What nonsense!

The next one was so rushed it's not even funny. I did it in about an hour.
It's my housemate's birthday (which i forgot) and using the bits left over from the first two cards. I was so embarrassed I just left the envelope on the kitchen table and ran away!

So that's my beginnings!

Hopefully, once I have the right tools - not just cheap scissors and a pen - we'll soon see a marked improvement. But I love doing it, even if they look like a 12 year old made them.


Absolute Beginner

Hello The Internet,

Welcome to my blog. Or this mishmash of a page that will hopefully eventually turn into a blog!
I've just started making cards for my friends and family; ostensibly to "save money", but actually because I like using scissors and getting glue on my fingers. I am a giant 5 year old.

The first 3 cards that I have made are, sadly, only documented through my ipod's camera - my proper camera having passed away from old age quite recently. We're still very sad about that.

I'm going to post the photos anyway, so that in a few months/years we can all look back and say.. "wow, Kirsty, you've come far. Those are awful!" What japes.